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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Quick catch up from the napping house..

where everyone is sleeping, except me of course.

It's time for the puppies to find their new homes. Sassy is already at her's as you can read on Tiffiny's blog. Billy will hang out here till next weekend when my brother will pick him up. And the other two are going to the SPCA. I am sure they will find home quickly, they are soo cute!

We got a new car, well, not new, but new to us, LOL! My dad sold us his '89 Nissian 240sx. Cute little car, great for Dean to go back and forth to work.

Dean's birthday is Sunday, and his present from me and the kids is lost in UPS land somewhere :( I had hoped it would get in here in time, since I ordered it LAST MONTH but no :( Oh well, hopefully Monday.

Danielle is enjoying preschool. We have started going to story time at the local library, and she likes that a lot. Soon we will start going to SpiralScouts, and to a science class at the Discovery Center, so she'll have lots of chances to be out and about with other kids.

We took her bear back to Build A Bear to get some new clothes ( I had a $20 gift certificate). She got the cutest pirate costume, complete with parrot and sword! I will post a picture later, after she wakes up.

Oh, we got her halloween costume too, she's going to be Dash from The Incredibles. She is insisting on wearing the costume now. I don't mind, she looks cute, LOL!

Okay, gotta go, barking puppies wake babies.

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