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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Disorganization breeds chaos...

I firmly believe that some people are born organized, and those of us who are not should shun those who are :)

I am not organized, I fight a daily battle to be organized, I try different systems, I get rid of things, I file and refile things, nothing lasts. I guess I should be proud that my checkbook balances, to the penny, but that's the only thing that seems to be working at the moment.

And it doesn't help that my family isn't helpful in keeping things organized. No one seems to know where ANYTHING goes, so everything goes everywhere. I want a place for everything and everything in it's place, but I seem to be the only one.

Today, while I was chatting with Tina about big plans for this and that, I was cleaning off my desk, sorting what needs to be shredded, filed, paid or responded to. I try to do this at least once a month. While I was busy with that, my two loving children completely emptied out the toy bins behind me, that I spent an hour last weekend cleaning and organizing! Lucky for us all, they didn't touch the top two bins, with my homeschool supplies, or things may not have turned out at calm as they did. I just sat on the floor, and picked it all back up, but I didn't put it back in the organized bins like it was. What's the point? They are just gonna do it again.

I often feel the busier I am the more I get done. Course the more I yell and the more headaches I get too, but that's another story. Tiffiny and I are trying to get a SpiralScouts Circle going here in Fresno, and I just signed up to be sell Usborne books. Plus there is homeschooling, Babyfest, a Halloween party next month and whatever Tina has cooking ;) I like to be busy, but I don't like stress. How do you balance the two?


Christina said...

I could have wrote your 1st 2 paragraphs!! I am REALLY disorganized too. i agree - I think people are born with it. It drives Mike nuts cuz I keep moving things around and trying to figure out the best place for them. Nice to know I am not alone, lol.

Tinamama said...

oh you know i'm right there with ya chica!

LOL, i love the comment about "whatever tina has cooking"! LOL!! this is SO me! can you believe i've actually been pulling back from things now that i'm working on trying to really dive into homeschooling? weird, huh? LOL!

but anyway, i'm disorganized right there with ya...and my family doesn't seem to want to be organized either...especially tornado tyren...who messes things up faster than i can clean them. *sigh* i just keep telling myself he won't be little forever and i WILL, someday, have things the way i want them. or at least close to the way i want them. LOL!