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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Haven't had a lot of time to blog...

Not sure why that is, maybe because of the preschool mentioned in my post below. Maybe because I have a freaking zoo living in my house, all demanding food, attention and butt wiping. Or maybe because Jack has turned into that sharpie commercial where the mom can't put the baby down with out tears, if even so much as a foot touches the ground full blown wails ensue, so she uses the one handed clickable sharpies to do her business. I wish it were that easy! Try making puppy food with one hand, while your child is trying to get the puppy food, for what nefarious purpose I can only guess, but I bet it will start with wearing it, styling his hair with it, and finally, I am sure, eating it.

So I am going to attempt to blog about everything I have been thinking about lately all in one post, and hope that Jack stays asleep!

  • Danielle's birthday is coming up. We had to cancel our usual family party because our whole family had reasons why it was better to postpone it. Bummer, I know, but she's going to have a great party with her friends on Tuesday at Build A Bear (at least it better be great, it's costing me a fortune!!). And a little tea party afterwards.
  • Why do I use approximately 1 1/2 bottles of conditioner to every 1 bottle of shampoo? I don't have that much hair. I need to find bigger bottles of condition then my shampoo bottle, makes for much less math I have to do when I go shopping.
  • I can't wait for the puppies to go to their new homes. Don't get me wrong, they are adorable, wonderful, and everything puppies should be. Jack loves them, and they love him, and Danielle has a lot of fun with them too. But they are 4 more helpless things that require me to do everything for them, and it's getting to be a bit much. I don't mind taking care of one puppy, but 4 plus their mom, is tiring. I really don't get people who breed puppies, even if I sold these guys for 100 bucks a piece (which I probably couldn't anyways) it still wouldn't be worth it.
  • Preschool is going well. Danielle is having a lot of fun, and just yesterday we were coming home from the grocery store, and she started pointing out all the "A's" on all the street signs. It was soo cute!

Well, I think that about catches us up to today. I plan to clean house today, make sure I have all my supplies for homeschool next week (the letter of the week is "C") and then maybe, just maybe, I can rest for a while ;)

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