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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday, Just like Saturday with out cartoons :)

So today I am going to start getting back on track! I may not be able to start my diet, because I haven't gone shopping in a week, and all that's left is crap, but I can start getting this place whipped back into shape.

  1. I am tired of being ashamed when friends come over because of the mess. I have to get this under control. There is a place for everything, and sometimes that place is a donation bin or a dumpster!
  2. I need start excersing again, Danielle loves to do the excersize tapes, and asks to do them often, so that should make it a bit easier, I just have to keep one kid occupied :)
  3. I need to remember to take my medicine EVERYDAY and give medicine that is needed to others. (I am terrible at remembering that stuff!!)
  4. I need to sort through the kids toys, clothes, and everything and get rid of at least half!

My goals specifically for today:

  1. Start a new, realistic Flylady style control journal. One that takes my lifestyle, and pre-existing scheduling in to consideration.
  2. Go to bed with a clean kitchen tonight
  3. Make one more attempt to sell the stroller and bouncer, otherwise DONATE it!
  4. Go to the store and get the supplies I need to clean, and get rid of all the crap that doesn't work!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Beckie- I know how it is to want a clean house, and I was totally going to recommend Flylady. I joined the site a while ago, and though I have fallen off the wagon I am determined to get back on. Good Luck with everything! Megan