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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The joys of cosleeping...

My room is truly a family bedroom. I have a queen sized bed that Dean and I sleep in, on my side is a sidecar style crib for Jack, at the foot is a toddler bed for Danielle, on Dean's side is a doggy bed for Sadie, and where ever he can squeeze himself in (usually at the top of the crib) Merlin sleeps. The only family member who sleeps anywhere else is Michael, he pretty much sticks to his room or the couch.

There are good points to this configuration and bad points. I NEVER have to get up in the cold and dark to nurse, check on sleeping little ones, or comfort anyone after a nightmare. I also spend many a night sleeping with a baby who insists on holding my nose, nursing and having his big toe in my belly button at the same time. We all wake up together in the morning, and the first thing I see is my children's smiling faces. If Jack's diaper leaks, we ALL get soaked, LOL!

I highly recommend co-sleeping to everyone who has babies. It's such a rewarding experience, and keep in mind, they are only little for a short time, and soon enough they want their own space. I haven't needed a crowbar to get any of my children into their own beds (well, except for Jack, when he's got a death grip on my hair, and a toe in my belly button). I will truly miss these days, when I finally get to sleep alone (with Dean of course!)

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Tinamama said...

awwww the toe in belly button and holding your nose is so precious! and hysterical!!

hey, by the way, i've been blogging! ;)