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Saturday, July 01, 2006

I live in a zoo!!!

I swear, we have a ton of wildlife running in and around our apartment!

The rat that I previously posted about is back in my yard today. We have a bird feeder, so we regularly have blue jays, finches, and doves in our backyard. One morning we found a snake laying across our front door step. Out back behind the buildings, we have a ponding basin, that hosts ducks and geese. I won't even mention all the types of spiders that live in our backyard, that I constantly have to clean up the webs from or Danielle won't set foot out there! And voluntarily we have a cat, a dog, a teenager, a toddler and an ankle biter.

Who needs to go to the zoo? I keep waiting for an elephant to show up....

1 comment:

Tiffiny said...

You forgot to mention husband. ;) Only kidding you know. :)