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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Updates on me and mine :)

Sorry, Sorry, I know I said I was back, and I am sure many of you believed that to mean that I would actually be posting, LOL! It's just been a crazy week.

Jack is doing okay, he has his first cold, and so we're not sleeping all that well, and nursing is difficult at best. But he's a fighter, and isn't letting that slow him down :) He's all over the place, rolling, scooting and doing what ever it takes to get to sisters toys!

Danielle is doing well. She's so three, and I can't wait for that to be over. She has an attitude like a 16 year old, and a mouth to match!

My Dad is still doing well, recovering lightening fast! I appreciate all the well wishes and good thoughts that were and still are sent his way.

Guess that's it for the moment. I'll have pictures to put up today or tomorrow. TTFN :)

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