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Friday, May 12, 2006

top 5 places I should live

Eugene, Oregon
Corvallis, Oregon
Santa Cruz, California
Little Rock, Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas

What's your top 5?


Tiffiny said...

Um hello, that's 6. :)

Tiffiny said...

Forgot to add my opinion to the mix. :) Let's see if I can think of 5.

Amanda, Ohio
Somewhere in Mass, NH or NY
Monterey, CA

I'll probably think of some place better later on today.

Tiffiny said...

Okay, so I followed your link. ;)

Cape Cod, Mass
Providence, Rhode Island
Danbury, Connecticut
Shrevepart-Bossier City, Louisiana
New Haven, Connecticut

I had no idea I really wanted to live on the east coast. :)