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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Since I haven't posted much lately except pictures, thought I would take a moment to update my faithful readers, and all of you who have followed a link from Google while researching green toddler poop (my #1 search term!) LOL!!

We are doing good here, enjoying the lovely spring weather.

Jack is growing like a weed, we were blessed with a visit from his (our?) Doula last night, due to scheduling problems, we hadn't seen her since December! It was nice to visit with her, and to get her introduced to Tiffiny, who will be retaining her services for her birth :)

Danielle is on day 7 of being clean and dry, her potty learning regression has been tough on us all. I have resorted to bribery to get her back on track, but it seems to be working.

Dean and I are good, he's working too much, and I am not getting enough sleep, but mostly things keep chugging along! My recent health problems have been mostly put behind me, and now except for probably a life time of high blood pressure medicine, I think I am okay :)

Anyways, guess that's all for now! TTFN ;)

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