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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Organic CSA :)

Tiffiny and I have signed up for an Organic CSA (community supported agriculture). We get a box of yummy fruits and veggies each week, that are certified organic. We get some stuff that we know and love, and some stuff we have never seen before!!

Above is last weeks haul, no idea what to do with chard, so of course, it went all limp and icky in my fridge. But I am going to post pictures each week of what we get, and what I find to do with it :)

I will get this weeks up as soon as I download it off my camera :)


Tiffiny said...

Yeah, my chard went bad too. :(

Jessica said...

I used to do that! Totally loved it. I was constantly looking on the internet for what to do with the random stuff though. Delicious!!!