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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I am gonna take a tip from Tiffiny's blog and update ya'll on what my super smart, absolutely adorable, and gorgeous kids are up to these days, LOL!

Michael, my eldest, is well, a teenager, LOL! His usual method of communication is AIM and we beep back and forth quite often. He's doing well in high school, and is considering dying his hair yet again (a boy after my own heart (or hair))

Danielle, well, she's three, and boy does everyone in a three block radius know it, not only because she will be happy to tell you at every opportunity, but because her screams and tantrums are legendary around here. But she is a good big sister and loves her little brother, sometimes a little too roughly, but in general she likes to make him laugh. She is currently pouting on the couch because I won't let her sit in my lap and push buttons..

Jack is napping at the moment. He is just a bundle of moisture, LOL! I swear he and I change our clothes more often then Dean and Danielle put together! He's growing soo fast, 26 inches long and 13 1/2 lbs as of last week. And I am happy to say, every ounce of that is thanks to good old fashioned Breastmilk!! Except for the occasional thing he picks up off the floor, Jack is still 100% breastfed :)

Funny thing happened last night, speaking of breastfeeding, LOL! I have had what would be considered a bit of an overproduction issue, and often times I am on the verge of drowning my poor son, because the milk comes out so fast and so forceful. He often has to pull off the breast, and gulp for some air. Last night, he was nursing, and when I had my let down, he again had to pull his head back to gulp for air. He had that milk-drunk look on his face, and kept one hand on my breast. Before he could get latched back on, he let out this enormous belch! I swear, for that moment, he looked like a frat boy, who had been drinking straight from the keg, and couldn't wait to get back to it! LOL!

Anyways, I have to get going, I have a scrapbook party tonight, and I still have to bake a pineapple angel food cake, and finish cleaning up.

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