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Monday, March 13, 2006

Ferberizing Mabel..

Probably most of you don't know this about me, but I love Mad About You. It has always been one of my top 10 TV shows. I found it cute, funny and romantic, like a really short meg ryan movie ;)

But there was one episode that always got to me, the episode where they use the ferber method to get baby Mabel to sleep through the night. The entire episode is shot outside of Mabel's bedroom door, and we see the whole night as Paul and Jamie deal with letting their daughter cry her self to sleep.

Jamie is the one who came up with it, and she must of been the one to read the book, as she points out to Paul that she explained it all to him and he agreed. Paul on the other hand, is not so keen on the idea and several times tries to go into comfort Mabel. I love Paul in this episode ;)

The whole episode just makes me soo sad! Especially when they are talking about moving and that they have to share a room with Mabel in their apartment, what a perfect opportunity for some family bed time! Not letting their baby cry, but to cuddle and connect at night.

And the end is the saddest part of all, when Mabel finally has fallen asleep, and Paul seems happy that it is over. Jamie comes to the realization "We have broken her heart." She finally understands that she hasn't taught her daughter anything except that when she cries, her parents won't always be there for her.

I am so glad that Jack was happily sleeping on my lap while I was watching :)

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christina said...

I remember that episode!! I watch The Cosby Show reruns, lol. I like the fact that they always let the kids sleep with them when they are upset!