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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Trip to the Zoo on Friday..

Danielle, Jack and I went to the Chaffee Zoo on Friday, meeting up with several AP mommies, including Tiffiny and Seren! We had a ton of fun, except for it was the giraffes day off, and anyone who knows my daughter or has spent more then 2.5 minutes with her at the zoo, her favorite thing to do it feed the giraffes. She could be standing in front of a huge table of ice cream, candy and cakes, with a sign on it that says "help your self!" and she would be tugging on your shirt wanting to know if she could feed the giraffes, every minute or so, until she got to feed the giraffes. Lucky for us, she was able to be distracted by going to see the tigers, and the petting zoo, that she didn't throw a fit about the giraffes.

The Chaffee Zoo was closed for 2 weeks for some work, cosmetic touch ups, safety stuff, that kinda thing. It looked really good! Some of the stuff was really noticeable and some wasn't, but in general I like that they have done. But one thing bothered me...

I think they touch up painted the flamingos! I swear they are brighter pink, with crisper black detailing then they were last time I was there ;)


Tiffiny said...

Funny I didn't notice anything different. Then again I never really go often enough. The animals were new for all I knew. ;)

Cath said...

We went to the zoo this weekend!
If you want a pic of the giraffes for Danielle i took loads!