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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Years!

A day late, I know :)

It's been a tough patch around the homestead, family tromping in and out, a three year old who has gone completely psycho, a newborn, a teenager who totally bogarts my computer, and a mom with a cold :( So I haven't had much time to post except to upload the quick picture here and there...

I am not going to do resolutions this year, why bother, I never stick to them, LOL! I am a flybaby drop out, I have gained back the weight I lost on Weight Watchers, in fact, if I think about it, the only resolution I have been able to keep was one to stop smoking a few years back. Course it took morning sickness from my pregnancy with my daughter to make it happen, but hey, what ever works!

I like Tiffiny's idea, what I want to get done this year...

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to go to Disneyland
  • I want to try to yell at my kids less
  • I want to eat healthier
  • I want to get a system in place to battle the disorganization in my house

The last two sound remarkably like resolutions, hmmmmm.....

1 comment:

Cath said...

Happy new year Beckie!
Similar resolutions to mine.
Do flylady, that'll help you lose weight and keep the house in order lol!