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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Follow Up on Paperback Swap :)

I posted before that I was joining Paperback Swap, just to see how it goes. Well, it's gone great!! I have shipped out about 19 books, at an average of $1.59 each. I have recieved 7 books so far in return with three more in transit :)

The way it works it this, you post paperback books that you have hanging around the house, at least 9 to start out with, then you get 3 credits to start requesting books from other members. As your books are requested, shipped and recieved, you get one credit each from them as well! So as long as you keep posting and shipping books, you can keep requesting and recieving books! It's a great system for someone like me who has more books then space, LOL!!

Anyways, if you were waiting for my update to sign up, please go and do it now! (I get a credit when people use my link, so please click below)

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