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Saturday, November 19, 2005

What does Captian Morgan and Back Labor have in common??

The silly leg lifts! LOL!

So, last night about 5pm or so, I start having these excrusiating back pains. Just knock me over, take my breath away pains. I live with them, just bitching to my family about them (mom and dad are here for my birthday this weekend, LOL). Then at 7 or so I call my doula to ask her advise. After figuring out this pain in coming and going, at the rate of every 20 minutes or so, she decides to head on over! I guess I was having back labor contractions! I had no idea, I figured I had been sitting wrong, or picked Danielle up wrong or something. By the time she got here last night, I had started throwing up :( So, she tells me I am going to hate her, but this baby is sunny side up, and we need to get him turned face down if we want the back labor to go away. She says, we have to walk, and walk a lot, and everytime I have a contraction I have to stand like Captian Morgan up there, with my foot on a chair!!! It's dark and we are walking around the apartment complex, and every so often stopping, putting down my daughters Spongebob Chair, and I have to stand like Captian Morgan, LOL!! It was funny.

What wasn't funny is that my labor petered out after a couple of hours.

I sent Danielle to my parents hotel, for her to hang out, she was sooo stressed by mommy throwing up, and everything :( I called them at 11ish, and asked if they would just keep her for the night, and they agreed. I have to say it was very, very strange to sleep in the house all alone (well, I have Merlin, my overprotective cat sleeping on my feet all night, but it's not the same). I have never slept apart from Danielle, since she was born 3 years ago. Even now, she sleeps in her own bed, but she's right next to me, so I can reach over and fix her blankets or whatever. Course, she's getting to be a big girl now, and I am sure she was fine last night (haven't seen them yet this morning) but it was hard to sleep without her snoring, LOL!

So, today I am going to dinner with my parents for my birthday, and maybe I can work on some stuff from Spinning Babies to get this guy facing the correct way!!


Jessica said...

bummer that it stopped, but it is getting closer!! Not sure the exact day, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tiffiny said...

I hope you're ok! Maybe he can be born on your birthday? Hey, at least things are moving...he'll be here soon. I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...
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