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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ugh, weight gain, and uneventful appointments :(

Well, I just got back from the OB's office. Seems he's skipped town until Saturday, so if I want him to deliver Jack, I better keep my legs crossed till then, LOL!

I am a bit upset, after 6 weeks of only gaining 1lb, I gained 2 this week!!! I am sure it had something to do with my birthday, and the fact that I haven't eaten anything but take out and restruarants since Friday!! Oh, and Tiffiny brought me See's candy yesterday, those 3 pieces I ate I am sure pushed me over the edge, LOL!! :)

Jack is measuring normally for him, which is actually a week or so ahead, so he officially measures 40 weeks now. Hard to explain to my mom that doesn't mean he's going to be born this week, just means that my uterus is measuring where "normally" it should at full term. Could be excess fluids, he's laying weird (which I doubt in this case, since the NP had to really push under my pubic bone to find his head, OUCH!!), or any number of other things.

Speaking of, I swear I was gonna pass out when she was trying to find the top of his head! He's engaged, and way, way down there. It hurt like the dickens to have her digging around down there. But the upside, I didn't have to have an internal exam because no Dr Dickenson, no need to do one :)

Anyways, keep thinking labor thoughts for me. I am soooo ready to go now. I have been eating a lot of fresh pineapple, don't know if that actually works, but it tastes yummy, LOL!!


Tiffiny said...

Hey, if I'm gaining weight, everyone should be! Glad I can contribute to that for you. ;)

You know I had a dream last night that I was pushing my (ok, not mine) baby out. So then I woke up and thought of you. I checked my phone to make sure that you had not called and you were not pushing out yours. Maybe it's a sign of what's ahead? Well, obviously! :)

amygeekgrl said...

mmm, pineapple. :)

thinking peaceful labor thoughts for you. :)