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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I am gonna miss waking up to Miss Bed Head..

When Jack gets here, I am sure the quiet mornings of waking up with Danielle will be all but over. If nothing else, her bed is moving away from my side :( And I am sure these two will not be on the same sleep schedule, it would be too much to ask to have two kids that sleep until 9am, LOL!!

Every night before we go to sleep, we say, good night, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow. And then some nights, depending on how tired I am, I ask her what she is going to dream about. She ALWAYS says birthday cake, the little weirdo. But sometimes she says other things too, but birthday cake is always in there, LOL!

Most mornings, if I don't get woken up too early cause I have to potty, I usually hang out in bed until Danielle wakes up. She wakes up so cute, usually in a pretty good mood. She gives me hugs and kisses and tells me all about her dreams. She has some strange ones, the other day she dreamed that Michael was very, very small, because she pulled the rope?? What does that mean?

I guess it will nice waking up to a newborn too, course they tend to be a bit more demanding ;)

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Jennifer said...

I'm with you there.. Gavin is by my side every night. He has spent the night at my mother-in-laws a couple times.. on those nights, I couldn't sleep. The bond is just so intense, isn't it?