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Friday, October 07, 2005

Went to the Big Fresno Fair today :)

And wow, we had a great time! But I am sooo exhausted, I can barely eat my cinnamon roll that Tiffiny forced me to take home ;)

The baby animals were great, Danielle really seemed to enjoy seeing them. And we got to see a baby cow only a little over an hour old, nursing! We got to feel sorry for some piglets who were weaned at 3 weeks!! That seems awfully young, but I have to see how long pigs usually nurse, cause I have no idea!

Danielle and Seren got their faces painted, and hopefully Tiffiny will post pics, since I have none. And both girls won a goldfish, though Danielle's is currently residing in an empty margarita glass from Rainforest Cafe ;) Her daddy says if it lives a bit, he'll get it a little tank, LOL! Problem is, she is constantly wanting to hold it, so we shall see how long it lasts.

My fair food tally so far for 2005:

1/2 soft serve ice cream cone
1/4 plate of so-so nachos
1 piece of salt water taffy
1/2 egg roll on a stick with sweet and sour sauce
1 LARGE pineapple orange julius

Not too bad, but I may go again next week, so we shall see, I still haven't had funnel cake or fry bread yet ;)

And now we are exhausted, and dusty, and Danielle's butterfly is half worn off her cheek, and I wanna take a nap...

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Tiffiny said...

I forced myself to finish my cinnamon roll, and was it good!! :)