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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Searching for the perfect diaper bag...

I have had two children, and countless diaper bags, and still have yet to find one I actually like carrying. I hear women extol the values of $200 Petunia Picklebottom bags, or the latest Kate Spade bags, but I don't really like those, ya know? Not my style at all! I kinda like the Kecci Mommy bags, but not to keen on the prints available. I don't want anything too big, the straps have to stay on my shoulder, because while I am wearing a sling, there is nothing I hate more then my diaper bag slipping off my unslung shoulder! Backpacks are nice, but hard to carry with a sling.

So, my goal before Jack gets here, is to find the perfect diaper bag for me! I bid on one on E-bay, it's pretty cute, plain black totally my style, but I am not totally convinced, so if I get out bid I may just let it go.

I need to go to Babys R Us or something and just look at all the ones they have there, doubtful I will find one I like, but it makes it easier to narrow down what I don't like, LOL!

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