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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Long time no post, LOL!

Let's see what's happened since I last posted??

Tiffiny threw me a rocking baby shower, it was soo much fun! It was a dress up as a famous mother theme/halloween theme, which as most of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday!! I was Mother Nature :) It was great to see my friends, and the food was soo good. She also had some of the best games/prizes I have ever seen at a baby shower!!

Jack had decided that lower is better, or in other words, he's dropped. The upside of this is now I can breath and eat at the same time. The down side is now I am starting to waddle like a duck, and I am getting pointy stick pains in places I would rather not discuss ;)

We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday with Tiffiny and Seren, that was super fun! The girls had a great time running around the hay bale maze, and picking out way over priced pumpkins, LOL! Danielle now has 4 pumpkins, Mommy, Daddy, Danielle and Baby Jack. We need one more, kinda medium sized for Michael, LOL!

Danielle thinks every day is halloween, and can't understand why she can't go trick or treating yet. I have tried to show her on the calendar, plus she knows the days of the week, so I tried to explain it that way, but so far no luck. Every morning she asks if we are going trick or treating...

I guess that's about it, in the life and times of me. Talk to ya all again soon!

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amygeekgrl said...

your shower sounds like it was an awesome time. :)
not much longer to go now. do you feel ready?