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Monday, October 24, 2005

Just as I suspected :)

"Oh, money makes the world go round,
the world round, the world go round,
oh, money makes the world go round,
that clinking, clanking sound"

From one of my favorite musicals, Caberet, and oh, so true in this instance!!

Was there ever any question that the AAP's new study had to be funded by someone? Just as all their studies are? Did any of us really question who was funding it and why? Doubtful it was out the the kindness of their hearts, cause that just don't happen. No, it was out of the greed of their pocketbooks...

As stated on the SIDS Alliance website, the funders of some of the reseach used for the new AAP guidelines:

Among the top Corporate sponsors ($100K and above)

Halo, (makes crib mattresses, crib accessories, crib bedding & crib sleep sacks)
Gerber (makes pacifiers & crib bedding)
Ross (formula manufacturer, so no scruples about encouraging pacifier usage...interferes with breastfeeding).

Other Corporate sponsors:

Walmart foundation
Babies R Us (sells cribs & pacifiers)
Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory (again, sells cribs & pacifiers)
Kiddopotamus & Co (sells sleep sacks for crib sleeping babies)
Tiny Love/The Maya Group (sells crib mobiles)

Information in ( ) added afterwards.

Thanks Jennifer :)

1 comment:

amygeekgrl said...

wow, good to know. not like i was going to change the way i do things either, but man, it sure sucks that money has to drive everyone/everything.