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Friday, October 14, 2005

Dr. Sears Speaks out about the AAP's new policy on Co-Sleeping..


His is just one voice supporting a parents choice to co-sleep as a healthy and viable choice, and one that DOES NOT lead to an increased chance of accidental death, but instead significantly lowers the chance of SIDS.

Co-Sleeping must be done safely, but is worth the extra effort when weighed out against the ease and comfort of breastfeeding, increased sleep for the entire family, and bonding opportunity it affords.


Christina said...

Thanks for posting the article. This stuff is getting out of hand! I live in Michigan and there are billboards up everywhere saying "the safest place for your baby is in a crib, alone". My boyfriend brought me home the main newspaper from our town and on the cover was an article against co-sleeping. When my son was born (6 yrs ago) I remeber articles about it in the paper but they did put ways to safely co-sleep but not anymore :( I keep meaning to take a picture of the billboard and put it on my blog to post about it but keep forgetting my camera. I wish instead of these billboards they would put up more breastfeeding ones.

amygeekgrl said...

Awesome to hear that Dr. Sears spoke out about this! Thanks for posting!

Christina, I can't believe that about the billboards. Oh wait, yes I can. I grew up in MI and have friends there who swear by the crib (and everything else non-AP).