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Sunday, October 02, 2005

ARGH! Someone please shoot me!!

I can't seem to win. I have been selectively and carefully buying clothes for Danielle for Fall/Winter. I have been bargian shopping, e-baying and hitting up the local consignment stores to find just the perfect clothes, at the perfect prices (okay, that rainbow dress was a bit pricey, but it was sooo cute!!). This all sounds well and good right?

Well, I just tried on her Tinkerbell outfit (pants, shirt and jacket that all match) from the Disney Store, and IT DOESN'T FIT!!! My little girl may not be a 3T after all. So now I get to go through all her pants and tops (I am pretty sure the dresses will all be fine) and see what is going to fit and what isn't.

Keep an eye on Alice's Attire for some great deals on 3T fall/winter clothes, or maybe I might just E-bay them as a lot, since most all are in perfect condition. The Tinkerbell outfit has never been worn! I bought it NWT's, and only washed it :(

Edited to add ~ Wheeew! False alarm! I guess Disney Store clothes just run small, it looks like everything else is going to fit just fine :)

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