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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Danielle and I went to the annual Zoobilation at the Chaffee Zoo this evening. I was sad that we didn't run into any of our friends, with the exception of Janet, who I almost didn't recognize because she changed her hair color to a very nice shade of red. It was a bit disappointing, we really didn't do anything other then what we usually do at the zoo. We bought a ticket for a chinese meal from Shanghi, cost $8. They were supposed to be serving dinner from 5-7, so I felt safe going to the bird show at 6pm, close to where the food was being served. We left the bird show at 6:30, only to find out that Shanghi had run out of food. Not only were there no $8 chinese meals left, there were no $5 hot dog meals left even to sub with :( Dessert alley consisted of popcycles, and our free icee was a tiny little cup. But while we were sitting and eating our popcycles, Shanghi was able to scrape together a few plates of rice and green beans, that while not even close to $8 worth, was rather tasty, and by that point I was so starved I would have eaten anything!

Worse yet, was our drive home. I was on the freeway, two cars to my left, one car to my right, no one in front of me, and thankfully no one too close behind me. The car to the front and left of my car, had a blow out, and came skidding over into my lane, almost striking the front of my car. With no were to go, I slammed on my brakes. The car with the blow out overcorrected and went across two lanes of traffic into the median. I kept going, and Danielle, with a little wimper, went back to sleep. Well, when I slammed on the brakes, my seatbelt tightened up pretty tight across my belly. And I started having contractions. At this point, they have calmed down considerably, and I am sure that I am going to be fine. But for a little bit there, I was considering heading over to Labor and Delivery, just to get checked out.

We are all fine, it seems, and Danielle is all happy she got to feed the giraffes, so all in all, she had a good night ;)


Tiffiny said...

I'm so grateful that you are okay. Good driving!

Jessica said...

WOW! What a crazy night. Sorry we couldn't make it, there was trouble in marital paradise for my best friend and I went for coffee and therapy with her instead. I will be heading to the zoo soon, hopefully you and Danielle can accompany us!

Cath said...

Wow, that must have been pretty scary! Hope you're ok now and i'm sorry you didn't get to eat a proper dinner!