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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Zoo Funny I had to share..

I can't believe I almost forgot about this one!!

Danielle and I were at the Bird Show at the Chaffee Zoo. That's another of Danielle's favorites, besides feeding giraffes, and I believe it was the last show of the season. So, there is one bird, Brando, who is a Andean Condor. He was raised in a cage, and never really learned how to fly. So this huge bird (10 ft wing span) tends to fly very, very low, or walk/jog around. The guy doing the bird show, very aware of Brando's normal flight patterns, has to move some people on the benches around, because otherwise they are going to get a closer look at Brando's wingspan then they want to. So he asks two women who are sitting way, way over to the right side to please move to the left, in order to not get smacked by condor wings as Brando goes to his first perch. The poor women not only have two toddlers with them, but when they stand up, it's obvious to the trained eye, that one of them is trying to quietly and discreetly nurse her baby!! She had her under a blanket with just little feet sticking out. I have to say, she took it in stride, and was able to move and finish nursing without a problem as far as I could tell. And Brando, flew to his first perch without knocking anyone over ;)

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