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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jury Duty...

I have jury duty tomorrow. Only the second time in my whole life I have ever been called. The first time was a few years ago, when Danielle was still a wee little nursling. I got a postponement because I couldn't leave her, she didn't take a bottle and she was too young for anyone else to watch for any length of time. This time, they didn't accept my being the sole caregiver of a child as an excuse. They offered me use of the court child care facilities. UMMM NO! I don't put her into daycare that I researched and chose myself, why the hell would I put her into anything run by a court??? Oh well, I guess I should look at it as an opportunity to read uninterrupted by toddler demands for a day. My brother just sent me a box of Dean Koontz books, so I shall take one or two along, and see how much I get done.

My brother, ever the comedian, told me if I get chosen from the pool to tell the judge that the baby told me that everyone is guilty ;) Think that would get me out of a trial??


Tiffiny said...

Might make them think you're a crazy, crazy lady!! But we know the truth, you're just a little crazy. ;)

amygeekgrl said...

That sucks about the jury duty.

A friend of mine - a SAHM w/ a 6 month old at the time - was called recently. She kept at it until they excused her. Like you, she was not about to put her kid in any old daycare so that she could go to jury duty.

Hope you find a way to get out of it easily. That is such a pain.