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Monday, September 26, 2005

Hi, my name is Beckie...

And I am addicted to TV, LOL! I was on one of my message boards, and we were talking about the shows we watch every week. Most of them watched one show a night, average, though none admitted to day time soaps, and I have a hard time believing none of them watch soaps! That would just be a statistical abnormality. Keep in mind, I TIVO everything, and watch it when ever I can fit it in, usually while reading, cleaning or playing Candyland, LOL! But here is my list, in no particular order...

Family Guy
American Dad
Battlestar Galactica

Plus, I tend to watch CSI when ever it's on, and I am flipping channels. I love CSI, even reruns.

That just seems like a lot of TV. Plus the TV is on from the time I get up, until I go to bed. Like background noise. Until about 2pm, it's on Noggin or NickJr. Sometimes longer if I forget to switch to Dr Phil at 3, LOL. It's not like we are glued to the screen, or anything, it's just the background noise of our day. We play, clean, read, color, and everything with it keeping us company.

I guess I should try to cut back, but I just don't have the motivation at the moment.


Cath said...

I'm a bit like that myself. I tend to watch at least 3-5 shows a night

Tiffiny said...

(In unison) Hi Beckie!

I too watch too much TV. I get upset if I can't find at least one show to watch each night. Pathetic, I know. :)