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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dancing or Ants?

I just found out the ants have found their way into my pantry, ugh! I have spent all summer fighting them, cleaning them up, killing them and basically going crazy with the great Ant Battle 2005. And now, they have invaded my pantry. I have no idea where they are coming from, there are none on the floor at all. Just on the middle shelves!! And of course, I can barely bend at all, so cleaning them up is no easy task.

What does this have to do with dancing you ask? I decided to take a break from the pantry ants and am listening to music on the computer, Adam Ant to be specific and dancing instead :) Sometimes you just have to dance, and now is one of those times.

I LOVE THE 80's!! (New Order, bizarre Love Triangle, now playing) so much better then cleaning up ants.

Here is my play list and when it's done I will go clean again:

Adam and the Ants ~ Stand and Deliver
New Order ~ bizarre Love Triangle
Howard Jones ~ Life in One Day
Berlin ~ The Metro
The Fixx ~ Red Skies
Soft Cell ~ Tainted Love
The Fixx ~ Saved by Zero
Frankie Goes to Hollywood ~ Relax
Wham! ~ Wake me up before you go go
New Order ~ Blue Monday
and last but not least
Simple Minds ~ Sanctify Yourself

I think after all that, I can face the ants again. Wish me luck!!

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