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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Speaking of heavenly things to eat...

This is Native American Fry Bread. For the fan, it is a little deep fried piece of heaven. Smothered in Taco toppings (also known as an Indian Taco), or dipped in sugar, or drizzled with honey, this hard working bread can do it all! I personally LOVE fry bread, and would at this moment probably kill or seriously injure someone for a piece. But alas, I have never mastered the fry bread making, and mine never quite taste right. I spent the required time at mother's elbow to learn the secrets, but somehow, as with the whole cooking gene, I think this has skipped me as well.

Why am I blogging about fry bread, other then the obvious pregnancy induce cravings? I read an article today that made me sad. Icon or hazard? The great debate over fry bread A Cheyenne and Muscogee Indian woman is trying to convience Native American's to stop eating fry bread. That's not what made me so sad. What made me sad is reading the article about how soo many of the reservation dwelling Native American's have Type II diabetes.

I guess I don't have to worry too much about my personal fry bread comsumption. As a non-res dweller, my chances to get good fry bread, other then what mama makes, usually involve pow-pows, or fairs of some kinds, and therefore enough walking to burn off any extra calories. Plus, honestly, I don't see how it can be any worse for you then funnel cake, and I would take fresh fry bread over funnel cake any day!!

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