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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pregnancy and All you can eat Ice Cream!!

Danielle and I just got back from the Annual Ice Cream Zoofari at our local zoo, thanks to Jessica for the idea!! It was tons of fun! It was all you can eat ice cream, and they had root beer floats and sundaes too :)

So just how much can a pregnant woman eat? Not as much as a 3 year old apparently, LOL! Though I drew the line at her stealing my german chocolate cake and hot fudge sundae :) Mostly we had a few cones, flavors that were big hits, cotton candy, bubble gum, and strangely enough bear claw! LOL! I had a root beer float, but Danielle was completely uninterested in that. We walked all over the whole zoo, some areas more then once, my hips are killing me!

It was nice to run into Jessica and Logan (and family). Danielle heard Logan was there, and it was all she could do to walk from the giraffees to the bears to see him, she was soo excited. They were screaming and jumping and carrying on like they always do ;) But we lost track of them when they were going to feed the giraffees. Danielle insisted on seeing the hippo, and that was the end of that.

We also went and saw local children's performer Oklin Bloodworth. It was very interesting. Danielle, normally outgoing with her friends, is usually very shy when it comes to crowds and groups of kids. But tonight, she was up dancing and singing with a huge group of kids in the stage area of the show!! She was having a blast, following along with the other kids. Not a care to where I was at all! How she is growing up.

For one second I felt bad that I was pregnant again. Michael, my oldest, had 11 years as an only child. Danielle, has only had 3 years as mommy's little one. Not that she was an only child, but realistically, 11 year olds are pretty self sufficient, ya know? Now Danielle is going to have to split her mommy with a new baby, who is going to require a ton more time and energy then her older brother does. I hope we will still be able to up and go to the zoo for all you can eat ice cream. Course, little babies are sooo portable, give me sling, wipes, clean diaper and boobies, and off we go ;)

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Tiffiny said...

Danielle will do great with a little brother, I know it. :) I totally wanted to go to the Zoofari, but I'm so poor I couldn't afford the tickets. I wanted to go last year too, but I had family in town. :( The sad thing, is that I'm the one who wanted to go...Seren has no idea what fun it could be. Just say that there's ice cresam involved, and I'm there!!! :)