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Friday, June 17, 2005

You know those things you have to

write down so you don't forget them? Well, here's one of them...

Danielle gets very, very serious about "Got your nose". Amidst the squeals of laughter there is an undercurrent that something will be terribly wrong if I accidently forget to put her nose back. Funny thing is, I know she knows it's not real, because she also takes my nose, and obviously can see that my nose is infact, completely intact.

This evening she rolled on the floor laughing while I took her nose and applied to her butt, so she can "smell her butt". She took my nose, and swapped it for hers. She at one point ate my nose. The game is still quite funny for her, but a little tiny bit disturbing that she is so worried that I won't give her nose back to her. I gave it to her brother to hold for a moment, and she went balistic!

Strange how two year old brains work.....

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