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Friday, May 20, 2005

Yeah, it's Friday!

Actually that doesn't mean a lot around here, as DH works weekends, but at least it's farmers market time again! Every May-September Danielle and I spend as many friday nights as possible downtown Clovis at the farmers market. Good food, great music, friends and oh, yeah, fruits and veggies, LOL!

Last week I had a bad experience. I bought some artichokes, and on Saturday when I went to prepare one of them, a HUGE white spidery thing JUMPED out of one of them!! Needless to say the whole kit and kaboodle, cherries included, went out to the dumpster. I wasn't willing to take the chance any more of those buggers were around. From now on, I am not buying anything that I can't see all sides of!!

Still feeling queasy, hopefully it will end soon! I am 12 weeks tomorrow, whoohoo!!! 1 trimester down, 2 to go.

Dean got DD a swimming pool for the backyard, a summer time tradition around here. She loves it and it's hard to tell her she can't go out there at 7am, and that she does have to come in sometimes, LOL! She would stay out all day if I let her. She's quietly eating mashed potatos for breakfast right now, and I told her we would go out to the pool after Sesame Street ;)

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Jessica said...

EWWW~ When I picked up my veggies from the organic delivery thing last week, a worm fell out of the lettuce. I started to freak out, but then I realized, that is what I am paying them for! LOL I don't know about a spider, I might have had a heart attack!