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Saturday, May 14, 2005


I start feeling better something goes wrong! LOL!

I was starting to feel better, as long as I didn't wait too long to eat (big problem of mine) my stomach had pretty much settled down. Then today, I got up, ate a cereal bar and promptly got sick!! What?? Then a spider jumped (yep, jumped!!) out of an artichoke I was going to eat for lunch!! ARGH!! As if it isn't hard enough to force yourself to eat when you are feeling ill, to have wildlife jumping out of your food doesn't help one bit! And now it's in my fruit bowl, and I am afraid to go get my cherries that I got from the farmers market last night, cause the darn thing is gonna jump at me again!! What a lovely day...

Other then my tummy though, I am doing well. Really am starting to get too pudgy to wear my normal clothes, LOL! But not big enough to look right in maternity clothes yet :( Danielle has been sleeping well, once she gets to bed, which varies from 8pm to around 11pm each night :( Now if I can just get her to stop kicking me in her sleep!

Went to Clovis Farmers Market last night with Tiffiny and her daughter and friend. Had a great time! Danielle danced like a fool, and ate ice cream and cherries, and generally had a good time. She loved riding the shuttle bus, LOL! I had a funnel cake with strawberries, yummy!! Danielle has seemed to inherit my inability to realize that dancing in public is embarassing, LOL! She has graduated from the Elaine Benes school of dancing, and isn't afraid to show her stuff!! I love it!!

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