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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Catch 22 of Summer in the Valley...

You can't stay cooped up in the house all day, but it's soo darn hot, it's hard to get motivated to go anywhere. Danielle has a pool in the backyard, a bitty little one, but she likes it. It works well, since she can play and splash, then when it gets too hot we can scoot back into the air conditioned house.

I want to get the kids season passes to the local waterslides, I just hope it's not to hot to drive there. DH is working on getting air conditioning in my car, I will cross my fingers for him. Usually the heat doesn't bother me that much, but when I am pregnant, I just can't stand it! I get all woozy and sick feeling. I hate it! I am so glad this baby will be born in December, my first non-summer baby. I can spend the hugest, ickiest part of my pregnancy in the relative cool of November and December. Course it will make it hard to carve pumpkins, but I will probably survive, LOL!!

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Nikki said...

Oh Beckie I know how you feel! Our air conditioner is out AND the windows don't roll down! Talk about a heat stroke in 80 degree weather!