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Sunday, May 29, 2005

As the kitchen goes...

So goes the rest of the house, or something like that anyways.

Well, my kitchen is clean, with the exception of the floor. I have to clean the dining room then do both floors at the same time. I am proud of me, I haven't been feeling so hot lately, and it's hard to get motivated to clean. Today I am going to really try.

On another note, an MP3 player really helps gets stuff done! I can rock out to what I like, while Danielle watches a movie or colors, and she never has to hear "Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson! Or any of the other "objectional" music I like to listen to.

I bet not a lot of you out there know about my musical preferences, other then my distaste for country, LOL! Because, with kidlets in the house, it's just not appropriate to listen to Nine Inch Nails, or Ozzy. But with my little Creative Labs Muvo (a gift from DH) I can listen to what ever I want, at ear splitting levels, and Danielle nevers hears a peep ;)

Course if one were to check out my current playlist, they would think this MP3 player was owned by a schitzophrenic! Artists include:

Duran Duran (of course)
The Monkees
The Beatles
Nine Inch Nails
Marilyn Manson
The Verve Pipe
The Pet Shop Boys
Tom Jones
System of a Down
and Elvis!

Plus a few others, but that is just what I have been listening to while cleaning the kitchen today :)

I am sure not a lot of playlists have Tom Jones and System of a Down together. But I find a good mix of music keeps me motivated better then all head banger or all pop. Plus a lot of these are dance/techno remixes, like right now I am listening to "A little less converstation" by Elvis, but it's a dance remix, so it's more upbeat then the original. Always clean to upbeat music ;)


Tiffiny said...

Yeah, I have to say that is a pretty interesting play list. ;)

Anonymous said...

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