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Monday, January 17, 2005

I Love Googlisms!!

Find your Own Googlism

Googlism for: beckie (italics added by me)

beckie is very talented & nice
beckie is
beckie is married to loren marshall
beckie is 'fake' says romany
beckie is now with us
beckie is great
beckie is in the hospital fighting for her life
beckie is currently pioneering the life span for congenital neutropenics
beckie is a managing director at versant ventures
beckie is certified in hatha yoga
beckie is now in her eighth year on the national cross
beckie is a quilter
beckie is 12 years old and a seventh grader
beckie is showing her vizsla puppy
beckie is certainly bent
beckie is more of a classic specialist
beckie is the best
beckie is one of the best wrestlers in wow
beckie is connected to because
beckie is connected to the following things
beckie is a team player and very much liked by everyone at top supplies
beckie is a native texan
beckie is a true inside sales professional
beckie is confident the study will find that seeds taken from plants near the edges of the fields produce plants resistant to more than one herbicide
beckie is still likely to have her olympic bronze medal in cross
beckie is there
beckie is currently ranked 19th overall in world cup standings
beckie is an avid reader who enjoys drama
beckie is responding well to the love and care she is getting now
beckie is a single mom with two kids
beckie is known for her prowess in the pursuit
beckie is a good wrestler and she would be happy to wrestle her again
beckie is attending nordoff high school and is scheduled to graduate on january 26th 2001
beckie is from hog hollow
beckie is the real gold
beckie is the legitimate gold medalist
beckie is a fullback for the mystics
beckie is a hockey goddess
beckie is recognized as one of the nation’s premier nightclub entertainers
beckie is a hockey nut
beckie is also
beckie is like that too
beckie is choked in the corner
beckie is the team’s assistant captain and is entering her 5th and final season with the huskies
beckie is sitting on his bench
beckie is a fantasy and she lives in their computers
beckie is admired by her teammates as a gracious winner and caring person
beckie is 19 years old and from the south east
beckie is 13" tall and priced at $125
beckie is six
beckie is a 'mad moose'
beckie is an expert in her subject matter of english and is known for her willingness to help her fellow english teachers
beckie is a graduate of carmel high school and indiana state with a bs in social studies
beckie is a very likeable character
beckie is from houston where her parents own and run texas christian school and high school
beckie is growing a business and her future
beckie is the cornerstone of the strongest canadian women's cross
beckie is a benefits manager for a boston law firm
beckie is the middle of three daughters born to rev
beckie is an alberta athlete who began to ski around the same time as she began to walk in her hometown of vermilion
beckie is busy by day with her children with soccer and swimming
beckie is the eastern pa chapter secretary
beckie is a second year english student at robinson
beckie is living from one relative to another
beckie is here
beckie is a wonderful doctor
beckie is a resident of sonoita
beckie is located in glsc 158
beckie is also part of a youth theatre group called 'centre stage'
beckie is seen as the epitome of a christian woman who shares her beliefs and faith with everyone she meets
beckie is 38 and comes from texas
beckie is another of my housemates
beckie is a top
beckie is a new site
beckie is a midwife
beckie is in his 14th year of practising dentistry
beckie is up for it
beckie is for you
beckie is a minister in the wyoming annual conference and directs camping programs there
beckie is that they're worried about people stealing toilet paper
beckie is really a dolphin living in a tennis shoes
beckie is 19 years old and lives in canada
beckie is working with janice perciano regarding an advocacy forum for parents whose children are in the mental health system
beckie is really tickled to have him available for her wedding
beckie is having some interviews for employment in beulah
beckie is a member of the parochial church council and a planning group member of the diocesan youth synod
beckie is the vice chair of the srs cab administrative committee
beckie is totally open and excited about making the show
beckie is stunned and heads up top again
beckie is yellow and rebecka is green
beckie is at handbell practice

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