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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Fluttering along...

So I am back on the Flylady wagon, modified for my AP lifestyle. While I understand the concepts that she puts forth, never in my life can I imagine walking around my house all day in shoes, nor can I see that the work I do in my house while wearing my Rocky Horror Picture Show pjs is in any way inferior to the work I do while wearing my regular clothes (that sometimes include pieces of PJ's, LOL) As a mom who co-sleeps, waking up 15 minutes before my family is physically impossible, since usually the member of my family I am most worried about waking is sleeping with at least one part of her body on top of me, making it difficult to get out of bed without waking her. So we wake together most mornings, with tickles and laughs, and I can't imagine it any other way ;)

Also, I have no timer. I work as long as my DD stays occupied with what ever she is doing. If it's 15 minutes, great! If it's not, oh well, the mess will still be there after we cuddle, have a snack or change a diaper. I just go back to it when I am done. Home Blessing Hour is Home Blessing Day, things all done, over the course of the day, so that there is no worries about timers, or missing out on making playdoh snakes.

So wish me luck, and hopefully I can keep up with it this time :)

The Flylady