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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Current ramblings..

Sorry it has been so long, we had the flu sweep though, and it left us all dazed in it's wake. Not much time to post, but I will try to catch up with a few choice tidbits.

First off, only in Japan! A new pillow for lonely men, shaped like the kneeling lower half of a womans body, for them to lay on to watch TV, or sleep. Now if they could just make a fake hand to stroke their hair.Lap Pillows

Second, as if we don't have enough ways to waste time online, there is a cute site where you can make your own snowflakes. A nice little project for us Californians who don't get the real kind! LOL! Make your Own Snowflake

So today I baked 4 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange. The really funny part was my daughter. I told her she could have one cookie and that Logan could have one cookie. So I gave her one cookie, when she finished, she asked for one cookie, like that was what they were called! Then those little scamps, they got their heads together, and got the cookies down from the counter and stole a few! LOL! It was so cute, it was hard to be mad...

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