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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

On the usage of colorful language, in toddlers

How cute is it when your adorable little one says "oh sh*t!" for the first time? Let me tell you, it is super cute, and super hard not to laugh till you fall over, but everyone says not to react like that because it will encourage them to use that type of language.

Well, the ladies at Mothering.com have opened my eyes, and I am a new person because of it.

My daughter swears because I swear, because her dad swears, and why do we get to swear but make a huge deal about it when she does? Why do we feel we have to censor her vocabulary?? It is because as I pointed out to them, they don't know when it is approprate? Heck ya she does, when she can't do something, when she stubs her toe, she lets loose with the cutest little swear words. Of course, she doesn't care if her elderly great grandmother is in earshot, which is the problem I have with it. But hopefully great grandmas are hard of hearing, because short of trying to gently lead her to the correct places to cuss, I am not going to try to stop her anymore.

If it's good enough for me, gosh darn it, it's fucking good enough for her!

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Tiffiny said...

Seren says, "Fuck it." You can bet she got that from her father.