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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Can I vent a moment??

I swear, people's ethics must be slipping these days! Follow through is at an all time low!! Examples:

My mother placed an order through a new home party company, in July, and they just shipped it October 5th! Hello?? I understand waiting for a check to clear, but this is just outragous! (update: Order finally recieved the first week of November, way to long of a wait, but at least she got it)

I have won several online contests, 3 that I can think of right now, that I never got my prizes for.

Iparenting.com ~ THEY SUCK!! I won on their stocking stuffer contest last Christmas, and to this day have never recieved my prize, or an answer to my many, many queries as to the status. (UPDATE ~ Recieved an e-mail saying they were looking into it, and that they will get back to me :) I will let you know what happens!)

California Home Business Network ~ Sucks! Again, won a contest for their newsletter, never recieved my prize. When I e-mailed to check, was told it would ship right out, that was AUGUST. How did they send it carrier snail??

Direct Sales Moms ~ Sucks! Won a photo contest in JULY! Was a winner in my catagory, and an overall winner, never recieved my prizes. No answer to my inquires. (UPDATE ~ Owner of DSM contacted me and is sending out my prizes. Seems the original donator is no longer with them, update 11/8 ~ Recieved my prizes. Thank you to Elena and Val!)

If you know these people, feel free to let them know I said they suck. Maybe it will spur them into doing the right thing.

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