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Monday, August 16, 2004

Back from Vacation, and boy...

do I need a vacation! LOL! I got back on Friday and I have been going, going, going since then. I will post the vacation pics really soon.

I had a wonderful time in San Diego with my parents and kidlings. We went to Sea World, Old Town and Seaport Village. And I tell you what.. I am a die hard AP mommy, but you can take the sling thing too far. I slung my 26lb daughter for 3 days straight! She refused to go in a stroller or to go with Papa. And by Friday, I was in tears my back and feet hurt soo bad!! But I am mostly recovered today, and am happy to be sleeping in my own bed. It's amazing how little sleep you get when you are constantly worried about the baby rolling out of bed! And she did on Wednesday night, boy, was that awful.

I will post more with the pics :)

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