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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Templates, pics and more!

ARGH!! I just don't get HTML. It seems like it should be simple, and yes, I can make simple edits to HTML code, but honestly, it's like when my old boyfriend got letters in German, I could pick out a work or two and know what it meant, but no context around it, ya know? Same with HTML. I know where the pics are, and I know where the links are, but most of it might as well be German! No wait, I read German better then I read HTML! So I am going to stay with a stock template until can really sit down and figure it all out.

On another note, I have a beautiful new template for my E-bay auctions, designed by a friend of mine, check it out! Alice's Attire Auctions Let's hope that works! While your there, check out my other auctions, I have some great clothes up! LOL!

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