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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Day well spent

Well, I can honestly say I got a lot done today. No thanks to the non-appearance of the nappy fairy today. Danielle usually naps for an hour or two around 1pm every day. By 2pm if she hasn't slept, she is a bear! Well, today at 3pm she finally gave in kicking and screaming and slept fitfully for about 2 hours, waking up twice to be nursed back to sleep. But the upside is, while she was asleep I got Michael's room cleaned and ready for his summer migration.

You see, I have a 12 (soon to be 13 year old) son, who 3 times yearly migrates from TX, where he lives with his father, to California, to see me, his mommy. And when he isn't here, I hate to admit it, but his room becomes a catch all, for well, everything. Most notably lately the entire stock for Alice's Attire, and my budding e-bay business! Boxes everywhere!

So, I am so proud of me that I got them all out and put away, and now he has some space to do what 12 year old boys do best, play Playstation.

Wait, I guess I didn't need to clean for that, LOL! He had plenty of room for his video game chair and system, what else did he need??

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