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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Who doesn't like free things?

I mean honestly, isn't it just like Yule when you open the mailbox and inside is a box with something fun and free just for you? 

Let me tell you about a great way to get fun free gifts from Eden Fantasys! Now I know, at this point a few of you are thinking, Heck to the No, I am not gonna write on my blog about adult toys! But fret not my friends, you are NOT required to write about what you get from the company! You just have to write about Eden Fantasys, such as their great customer service, how they are more then a shopping site, about their great community, in depth reviews and all the ways that they are one of the best places to do you online adult shopping! 

The only requirements are:

1. Write a 150 - 200 word post about EdenFantasys. Like I said, you don't have to write about a specific product, or your private life. 

2. (Required) Include a link to edenfantasys.com using the term "adult toys", "sex toys", "adult shop", "dildos" or "vibrators" (you're welcome to include other links as well; this is the only required one).

3. Email jenn@edenfantasys.com the URL to your post. Depending on the quality of your blog (age, content, frequency of updates, Google PageRank, traffic, followers on social networks, etc.) they will then email you a $25 or $50 digital gift card code! 

Easy as pie, and you can use those gift cards to get yourself a nice gift! EdenFantasys has every conceivable way to spoil yourself, from the adult toy section, to the lingerie to bath products and candles!  Buy a gift for that special someone, or spoil yourself rotten! EdenFantasys makes it easy to treat yourself :)

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